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Boost Your Holiday Sales With These 5 Ecommerce-Ready Campaigns

If you’re an ecommerce or retail brand, you know how vital the holidays are to your bottom line—and it’s never been more important to optimize your customer engagement strategy to make the most of the holiday period. Let’s take a look at 5 essential campaigns sure to make the holiday season worth celebrating for your brand.


5 Cross-Industry Learnings from Best-in-Class Holiday Messaging Campaigns

There’s magic in the air during the holiday season. And while it’s always worthwhile to look to your own industry for inspiration, you can often learn just as much from smart marketing tactics being deployed in other verticals. Let’s take a look at five holiday messages and the key lessons any brand can learn from them.


Message Targeting Mishaps (and What to Do About Them)

To help marketing, growth, and engagement teams see their work from a new perspective, Braze has partnered with Tom Fishburne, CEO and founder of Marketoonist, for a 10-part series of marketing-themed comics. This week, hear from Braze Product Manager Diana Kim on message-targeting mishaps.


LTR 2019: How the American Cancer Society Leverages Technology to Support Its Essential Mission

This year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference, held at Pier59 Studios on October 29-30, will focus on how technology can help to strengthen the connections between brands and their customers in partnership with human empathy and creative strategy. During LTR, Ben Kaplan, Sr. Director of Digital Product Management at ACS, will share how the organization utilizes Braze to increase fundraising engagement through a mobile fundraising app.

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The Dynamic Duo: Product Management and Product Design

A good partnership between PM and Design should challenge assumptions and help everyone gain a better understanding of customer needs. Done right, this kind of collaboration can promote an environment where you can fail and ask dumb questions and then find a way forward. Learn what it looks like at Braze.

The Inspiration Issue

Modern Teamwork: How to Assemble and Manage Agile Teams To Support Brilliant Customer Experiences

A single team member can have a tremendous positive impact on your business; an effective team can have an even bigger one. But are your teams structured to make the most of tomorrow's opportunities? If not, we've got you covered: These six steps are key to reshaping modern teamwork and making brilliant customer experiences possible.