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Exploring iOS and Android Push Differences: What Marketers Need to Know

When you’re determining the role that push plays in your larger marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the structural, visual, and experiential differences that exist between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. To help out, let’s take a look at the key differences that marketers need to know.


How to Compete in the Evolving Financial Services Landscape

While we’ve seen a wide range of industries disrupted, it’s taken longer to manifest in heavily regulated industries like financial services. But in recent years, we’ve begun seeing a meaningful shift in the financial services industry, one that has the potential to reshape the space for years to come.

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How Braze Engineering Adapted to the COVID-19 Era

Working remotely these past three months has caused some notable changes for our teams. Here are a few different areas we've adapted in response to our new work-from-home reality.


The Power of Email and Mobile Marketing Automation

Today’s email is a dynamic, increasingly interactive channel that’s just as much a mobile channel as anything else, and the success of a modern email marketing strategy depends on using key new tools and approaches. Let’s take a look at how to make that happen.


4 Ways to Use Cross-Channel Personalization in Online and Offline Marketing for Effective ROI

With the right combination of tools, you can easily unite online and offline marketing efforts to create a personalized customer journey across all channels. Michael McCarthy, CEO and Founder of Inkit, explains how to cater to every consumer using marketing automation software.


Is It Really Marketing Automation Without Streaming Data?

If marketing automation features are the engine for effective customer engagement, an ongoing stream of meaningful, real-time customer data is the fuel that engine runs on. Here's how to make that happen.