The Orchestration Issue

At Braze, we pride ourselves on creating brilliant customer experiences. But those experiences aren't actually reserved just for our customers. Meet our team members and learn about how they make Braze a little more brilliant (inside and out) every day.

At Braze, we’re all about helping brands create brilliant customer experiences through thoughtful, valuable, cross-channel messaging at every stage of the customer journey. But our product is only part of what makes Braze such a powerful customer engagement platform and company. Our people are a huge part of creating these brilliant experiences for our clients, for our prospects, but most importantly, for our teams. That’s why, in this edition of Brazeball Cards, we’ve asked our team members about their time at Braze and how they orchestrate brilliant experiences everyday. From top-notch customer support, to empowering our teams with information that helps them to be successful in their roles, to running our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, these folks help make Braze brilliant.