In-App Messages vs Original In-App Messages

Side By Side


Our original in-app messages were delivered to the device in response to the SDK requesting one at a time. This was not ideal, because:

  • Many network requests were wasted because most did not lead to the delivery of an in-app message.
  • Assets were never prefetched, so there was always significant latency between request and display.
  • If you wanted to display an in-app message at a time different than the time of the request, you had to keep manually track and trigger display of that message.

In comparison, our new triggered in-app messages:

  • Minimize unnecessary network requests
  • Prefetch assets to ensure low latency between trigger and display
  • Can be triggered exactly when you want to display them, without any SDK customization

Furthermore, we maintain a rich set of delegates to ensure in-app messages are highly customizable.


Our triggered in-app messages improve upon our original in-app messages in a number of ways. We will continually improve our triggered in-app messages, and we will eventually deprecate original in-app messages.