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Messaging users

Implementing filters

Once you’ve decided what range of Churn Risk Score or category you want to target, you can use the Create Segment or Create Campaign buttons to create a new segment or campaign that filters for users with the Churn Risk Score or category selected with the slider.

Churn filters available when defining an audience include Purchase Likelihood Category and Purchase Likelihood Score.

You can also use filters in campaigns or segments to target the users according to that threshold. You can filter for users by “Churn Score” or “Churn Category” in campaigns, Canvas, and segments, just like you use any other filter in Braze.

Strategic considerations

Now that you’ve identified and selected the group of users at risk of churn that you feel require some incentives or a new messaging series to keep them active and engaged, what do you do? Do you just add them proactively to your current passive user series? Or do you build out a brand new series of Canvases and campaigns?

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Target your predicted medium-to-high-risk users with a special discount, free merchandise (physical gift or digital credits), exclusive content, or early access to a new experience (product, app feature, level).

  • Drop these users into a daily Canvas for a week, delivering messages on the channel they prefer most, do a concentrated blast for three days, reaching customers on every channel, from email to Facebook, or send a message from a real person, asking for brand feedback or offering a pro tip.

  • Maybe you just need a new, fun way to reiterate the value of your brand, and all the ways these customers have found value in yours before. This could look like a persona-specific weekly newsletter, a series of real stories from real users about your brand, or some other content marketing play.

Keep in mind that you can message different levels of at-risk users differently! So the highest-risk customers could get higher discounts than the medium-risk customers, while the lowest-risk customers simply get new kinds of messaging or content but no larger incentive. You can also layer other filters into these segments to further qualify who gets what offers or messages.

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