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Messaging users

Learn how to target users for Predictive Purchases after you have created a Purchase Prediction.

Implementing filters

From the individual Predictions page, once you’ve decided what range of Purchase Likelihood Score or Category you want to target, you can use the Create Segment or Create Campaign buttons to create a new segment or campaign. This segment or campaign will filter for users with the Purchase Likelihood Score or Category selected with the slider.

Purchase filters available when defining an audience include Purchase Likelihood Category and Purchase Likelihood Score.

You can also use filters in campaigns, Canvas, or segments to target user according to their Purchase Likelihood Score or Category, just like you use any other filter in Braze.

Strategic considerations

Now that you know who may or may not make a future purchase, start thinking about how you want to message customers and allocate your marketing resources.

Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your Predictive Purchases strategy:

  • Score a quick win by messaging users with the highest likelihood of purchasing. An email reminder about the items waiting in their carts, an in-app message prompt to “buy now!” or a personalized push notification might do the trick.

  • Save the promotions for mid-likelihood users who need an extra nudge. Offer a special discount, retarget with relevant content on Facebook and Google, or share exclusive early access to a new experience (product, feature, or level).

  • There are a couple of paths you can test out for low-likelihood purchasers. Think you can convince them to make a purchase? Dish out higher discounts or do a concentrated cross-channel blast for three days. Offer personalized recommendations or hands-on support to make the purchasing process as simple and easy as possible.

  • Drop these users into a more passive campaign or Canvas as a resource-light way to keep your brand top-of-my mind. This could be a persona-specific weekly newsletter, a series of relevant customer case studies, or a monthly round-up of new tips & tricks.

Messaging users based on their Purchase Likelihood Score or Category doesn’t just help you make money - it helps you save money too! Offer promotions on a sliding scale: the more likely users are to make a purchase, the fewer discounts they likely need. Finding this balance helps you give and get the right amount of value for each customer. Keep in mind that you can also layer other filters onto these segments to further qualify who gets which messages.

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