Importing Phone Numbers

You can import phone numbers by uploading a CSV or via API to create a user. The user’s number will then appear in their user profile.


As a best practice, the best way to import a phone number is in E.164 format. However, Braze will attempt to interpret or convert any U.S. number to the best of our ability.

All U.S. numbers must be valid, 10-digit phone numbers with a valid area code. They can be inputted without the + and country code, as Braze will assume and map all valid, 10-digit phone numbers as U.S. numbers.

All international numbers should start with a +, followed by their country code and then the phone number:

Correct Incorrect
+4402012341234 4402012341234
+4 402 0123 412 34
01234 1234

However, to ensure accuracy in the event that you are sending to multiple regions with different country or area codes, it is recommended to use the [E.164]( format, even for U.S.-based phone numbers.

You can see the differences between local number formatting as well as universal, E.164 formatting in the table below:

Country Local E.164
USA 415 123 1234 +14151231234
UK 020 1234 1234 +442012341234
Lithuania 8 601 12345 +37060112345

As you can see, the country codes for each listing are:

  • USA: +1
  • UK: +4
  • Lithuania: +3

Adding Users to SMS Subscription Groups

For a customer to receive an SMS message, they must have a valid phone number and be opted-in to a Subscription Group. Subscription Groups are tied to the SMS program you are running (make sure you follow the legal laws for SMS and have recorded consent for each customer).

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