Setting Up IPs and Domains

  1. Send the following information to your Braze representative:
    • Your chosen domains and subdomains.
    • The approximate number of emails you’ll be sending each month. This will help us determine how many IPs you’ll need.
    • Whether you’ll be using IP Pools and what those will be.
  2. After we receive your email, we’ll get to work configuring your IPs, domains and subdomains, and IP pools. We’ll respond to you with a list of DNS records.
  3. Ask your engineers/developers to add these DNS records and, after they have been added, let us know!
  4. We will then check your set up and validate all information.

Our onboarding team will let you know if you’re ready to go, or if there are issues with your DNS records that you must address with your engineering team.

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