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Deliverability pitfalls and spam traps

Your email deliverability can be affected by any of the following spam traps:

Trap Description
Pristine Traps Email addresses and domains that have never been used.
Recycled Traps Email addresses that were once real users but are now dormant.
Typo Traps Email addresses containing common typos.
Spam Complaints When your email is marked as spam by a customer.
High Bounce Rate When your email consistently fails to deliver because the recipient’s address is invalid.

Avoiding spam traps

These traps can be avoided if you set up a confirmed opt-in process. By sending an initial opt-in email and asking customers to verify that they want your messages, you’re ensuring you send to real, valid addresses and that your recipients want to hear from you.

Additional ways to avoid spam traps:

  1. Send a double-opt-in email.
  2. Implement a best-practice sunset policy.
  3. Never purchase email lists.

The Braze Customer Success and Deliverability teams can help make sure you’re following best practices to maximize deliverability across the globe.

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