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Onboarding with Braze

Welcome to Braze, we’re happy you’re here! This section will help you and your developers get set up and ready to use Braze to create strong, lasting bonds between you and your customers. By now, you should have had some sort of kick-off communication with teams at Braze.

This guide is tailored to both supplement fully-guided onboarding and advise on onboarding actions you can take on your own.

Learning goals

By the end of your onboarding, you should feel comfortable with:

  1. Braze terminology,
  2. Working with your engineers to integrate Braze,
  3. Using Braze as a tool to launch your campaigns, and
  4. Setting up and preparing to use email with Braze.

You can follow along with this guide, or you can check out Braze Learning! We have courses for you, as well as a Technical Integration Toolkit and Technical Integration Overview available for your developers!

Continue to the next part of the guide, Terms to Know, to familiarize yourself with some common words you’ll see in documentation, the product, and from the people of Braze.

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