In-App Messages Generations

Braze currently has three generations of in-app messages. Each comes with it own level of support. To take advantage of the newest features of our in-app messages, we recommend upgrading to the newest Web, iOS, and Android SDKs.

This chart highlights the features and message types that are currently available and when they were introduced in each generation. This chart also explicitly states what isn’t supported within a given generation.

Generation New Features Unsupported Features
Generation 1 • In-app triggered Full-Screen, Modal, and Slideup message types Custom HTML Messages
• Web Email Capture Form
• Web Modal with Custom CSS
Generation 2 • Text Alignment Controls
• Overlay behind Modal
• Image Safe Zone in Preview Window
Button Border
Generation 3 • Button Border
• Refined Look & Feel for All Message Types
• Concept of Generations 1, 2 and 3
• New Close X Asset
• Improved accessibility on Web
• Improved support on Notched Devices
(The latest Generation always has full feature support!)

Difference in Generations

New Stuff!