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Preference center overview

The email preference center is an easy way to manage which users receive certain groups of newsletters and can be found in the dashboard under Subscription Groups.

Each subscription group you create is added to the preference center list. Click on the name of the preference center to see an interactive preview.

To place a link to the preference center in your emails, use the following Liquid tag and add it to the desired place in your email, similar to the way you insert unsubscribe URLs.


This will show the basic preference center layout that lists all of the email subscription groups automatically.

The preference center is intended to be used within the email channel. The preference center links are dynamic based on each user and cannot be hosted externally.

Customize your preference center

With the Preference Center endpoints, you can use HTML to update a preference center, which is hosted by Braze. You can create multiple preference centers. Braze manages the subscription state updates from the preference center, which keeps the preference center in sync. However, you can also create and host your own preference center using the subscription groups APIs with the following options.

Option 1: Link with string query parameters

Use query string field-value pairs in the body of the URL to pass the users ID and email category to the page so users will only need to confirm their choice to unsubscribe. This option is good for those who store a user identifier in a hashed format and do not already have a subscription center.

For this option, each email category will require its own specific unsubscribe link:

Option 2: JSON web token

Use a JSON web token to authenticate users to a part of your web server (e.g., account preferences) that is normally behind a layer of authentication such as username and password login. This approach does not require query string value-pairs embedded in the URL as these can be passed in the JSON web token’s payload, for example:

    "user_id": "1234567890",
    "name": "John Doe",
    "category": offers

To edit the logo in your email preference center, select the gear icon and click Edit.

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