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Sending Emails to Apple Private Relay

With the iOS 13 release, Apple has introduced functionality for Apple customers, which impacts how email is sent to them. The new Apple single sign-on (SSO) feature allows Apple customers to share their email address ( or to hide their email address, in which case a “masked” email address ( will be provided to brands (as opposed to the user’s personal email address).

Disable forwarding

Users can manage the apps using Sign In With Apple from their Apple ID settings page (see Apple’s Documentation).

Should a user choose to disable the email forwarding to your app’s relay email, Braze will receive email bounce information as usual.

Sending emails to Apple Private Relay for SendGrid

Braze customers who use SendGrid as an email provider can now, essentially, “whitelist” with Apple without having to make DNS changes.

Go to your Apple Certificate page and whitelist the email address you wish to use for sending via Apple’s Email Relay Service (your desired From address).

Option to whitelist individual email addresses on the Apple Certificate page.

To find the proper address, go to your Sendgrid DNS record and copy the UID, Whitelabel Subdomain, and Domain from the Host Value column.

HOST Value column in Sendgrid DNS records section.

The address should be formatted as: bounces+<YOUR_UID>@<YOUR_WHITELABELED_SUBDOMAIN_AND_DOMAIN>

An example is:

Once added to your Apple Certificate page, emails from this From address domain will be delivered via the Apple Private Relay system.

If you have any further questions, open a support ticket.

From address components for whitelisting with Apple email relay

Value Description
UID This value is provided by Sendgrid in your DNS records. Do not include the “U” character in your UID in the email address you whitelabel. For example, if your UID is presented in Sendgrid as, then 1234567 is the UID value.

You can also contact your Braze representative to provide your UID if you do not have access to your DNS records.
Whitelabeled Subdomain and Domain This is the initial domain and subdomain you entered into Sendgrid. You can also use the HOST Value in your DNS Records in Sendgrid.

Sending emails to Apple Private Relay for Sparkpost

Braze customers who use Sparkpost can also set up Apple Private Relay. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Create the necessary verification files according to Apple’s documentation on Sign in with Apple.
  2. Host the files in the /.well-known/ directory of the given domains. Make sure your content delivery network (CDN) is publicly accessible via the internet.
  3. Add an A record into DNS that points to the domain where your verification file is hosted. This is a one-time verification process.
  4. Select verify on Apple’s end.
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