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User lookup

When setting up your audience for a campaign or Canvas, you can search for a specific user directly from the composer to test if your filters and segments are set up correctly. This can also be helpful when troubleshooting a campaign or Canvas that isn’t sending as expected—for example, if users aren’t receiving a message when they should be.

User lookup is available when:

  • Creating a segment
  • Setting up a campaign or Canvas audience
  • Setting up an Audience Paths step

User Lookup feature when building an audience.

To check if a user matches the audience criteria, click Lookup User and search for a user’s external_id or braze_id.


When a user matches the segment, filter, and app criteria, you see the following:

User Lookup results that read "user007 matches all of the segments, filters, and apps."

When a user doesn’t match part or all of the segment, filter, or app critieria, the missing criteria is listed for troubleshooting purposes.

User Lookup results that read "user1234 does not match the following targeting criteria" with two segments listed in a table.

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