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Geofence configuration

This reference article covers various Geofence configuration options available when creating geofence sets.

Latitude and longitude

The geographic center of the geofence.


The radius of the geofence in meters, measured from the geographic center. we recommend setting a minimum radius of 200 meters for all geofences. Only geofences that are within 2,000 kilometer radius are sent down to the users device.


Users receive geofence-triggered notifications after entering or exiting individual geofences. After a transition occurs, there is a period of time during which that user may not perform the same transition on that individual geofence again. This period of time is called the “cooldown” and is pre-defined by Braze as six hours.

If the app is re-installed, the cooldown will reset. Cooldowns are per geofence and separate for entry and exit, so a user can trigger on entry and exit within 6 hours on the same geofence, but not twice for entry or twice for exit.

The main purpose of cooldown is to prevent unnecessary network requests.

Technology partners

You can also leverage geofences with some of our partners, for example:

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