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Creating a branch

This reference article defines branching and how it can be useful for your Canvases. You can also check out our LAB course to learn more about branching for Canvas.

You can harness the power of Braze’s action-based delivery and powerful realtime segmentation to deliver personalized experiences for your users. To create a branch, click the plus button at the bottom of your step. Then, select one of the shadowed panels to create a new step.

You can also branch from the first step and create another step.

You can set up filters to determine how your users should flow to subsequent steps in your Canvas.

You can also have users flow between branches based upon actions that they take. This helps separate your users into their respective journeys.


Overlapping filters

When setting up your Canvas, you should ensure that the filters that you use to split users down different branches do not overlap. If a user can match multiple steps, Braze will pick a branch to send them down. For example, if a user first made a purchase 7 days ago, they will be randomly slotted into one of the following branches.

Two Delay Step branches with the overlapping filters "First made purchase less than 2 weeks ago" and "First made purchase less than 3 weeks ago".

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