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About Canvas components

Enhance your Canvas journey with Canvas components! Canvas components and steps can be used to simplify the process of determining the effectiveness of your Canvas by replacing excessive full steps with just one. Steps in Canvas refer to the personalized user journey in your Canvas branches.

Check out the following use cases for how you can make the most out of your Canvas.

Customizing user journeys

Use Action Paths to split your user journey based on actions and engagement events such as making a purchase. If you want to filter through and target your audiences, Audience Paths help simplify your user targeting by sending your users down different Canvas paths based on audience criteria.

Decision Split Steps use a simple “yes or no” logic to create two mutually exclusive paths for your user journeys that are based on an action or a user attribute. This can help identify and target your user groups.

Delay Steps allow you to delay a single step in your Canvas. This stand-alone delay step in your Canvas is best used for communicating messages to your users at a specific time. Additionally, Delay Steps may also increase your audience outreach by allowing more time for your audience to meet the step’s criteria.


When creating your user journeys, you may want to also test for the most effective Canvas path. With the Experiment Paths Step, you can test multiple Canvas paths at any step.


Want to sync up with your brand’s first-party user data? Leverage the available audience sync options for Facebook and Google.

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