Comparing Campaigns

This reference goes over how to compare up to 10 campaigns simultaneously from within the Braze dashboard.

By knowing which of your campaigns is most successful will help you define and build effective marketing campaigns.

Braze allows you to view high-level details from multiple campaigns in a single view, allowing you to compare overall performance for up to 10 campaigns.

Get started by visiting the Campaigns page in the Dashboard. From there, click the “Compare” button in the top right of the campaign grid.

Compare Button

This puts the campaign list in “Compare Mode” which allows you to select up to 10 campaigns to compare at once. Select campaigns to compare by clicking the “+” icon next to each campaign name.

Add Buttons

As you select campaigns to compare, you’ll notice the “Campaigns to Compare” table begin to populate with the selected campaigns.


Once you’ve selected at least two campaigns (and up to 10), click the “Compare Selected” button. The comparison table will open in a new tab on the Dashboard.

Compare Selected Button

Here you will see a table with each campaign listed, with the high-level campaign metrics for each campaign. To drill down into each campaign, click the campaign name to open the details page.


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