Changing Triggered Campaigns After Launch

All changes to Action-Based Delivery campaigns and API-Triggered Delivery campaigns take effect immediately for go-forward sends.

If these campaigns had been triggered, but not yet sent (for example, an Action-Based Delivery campaign with a 1-day delay is edited during the 1-day delay period), please refer to the guidance for Scheduled Campaigns below.

Changing Scheduled Campaigns After Launch

If you need to make changes to a campaign post-launch, please take note of the items below when editing your campaign to ensure your changes have the desired effects.

Message Content

Any message content changes (including titles, bodies, images, etc.) take effect immediately on saving for all message sends going forward. It is not possible to change the contents of messages that have already been dispatched.

Scheduling and Audience

If you edit your campaign’s scheduled send time, or its audience, those changes won’t be reflected in the actual campaign until after the end of the current 24 hour period.

Send Rate

Changes to message send rate limits go into effect at the beginning of hour in the next time zone in which Braze has scheduled deliveries for the campaign.

What if you need your changes in place immediately?

If you need changes to take effect immediately, stop the affected campaign, duplicate it, and make edits on the duplicate campaign. Please note this resets eligibility for people who already received the original campaign, so you may need to filter the duplicate campaign for people who Did Not Receive the original.

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