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Notification preferences

If you would like to monitor the messaging and activity in your company account, you can choose to set up specific notifications and select where they go.

Notification Notified When Available Notification Channels
AWS Credential Errors When Braze receives an error while attempting to use your Amazon Web Services credentials for a data export. Email, Webhook
Campaign/Canvas Updated Notifies recipients when an active campaign/canvas is updated or deactivated, as well as when an inactive campaign/canvas is reactivated or when drafts are launched. Email
Newsfeed Card Published/Live Notifies recipients when News Feed cards are scheduled or published.

Note: News Feed is being deprecated. Braze recommends that customers who use our News Feed tool move over to our Content Cards messaging channel—it’s more flexible, customizable, and reliable. Check out the migration guide for more.
Email, Webhook
Push Credential Errors Notifies recipients when an app’s push credentials are invalid and when an app’s push credentials are expiring soon. Email, Webhook
Scheduled Campaign Sent/Not Sent Notifies recipients when scheduled campaigns begin sending or when scheduled campaigns attempted to send, but had no eligible users to send to. Email, Webhook
Scheduled Campaign Limit Met Notifies recipients when the limit for a recurring scheduled campaign has been reached. Email, Webhook
Scheduled Campaign Finished Sending Notifies recipients when a scheduled campaign has finished sending. Email, Webhook
Weekly Analytics Report Sends a summary of the past week’s app group activity to recipients every Monday. Recipients receive a summary for each app group that they belong to. Email
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