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Automated user provisioning

To set up automated user provisioning, go to the Company Settings in the dashboard by expanding the options found by clicking your username. From there, go to Automated User Provisioning to begin setup.

You will need to provide the following information to get your SCIM token:

  1. Select a default app group for new dashboard developers to be added to. If you do not specify an app group in the create users SCIM API call, they will be added here.

  2. Provide a service origin. The service origin is how Braze identifies where the request is coming from.

  3. Optionally provide a comma-separated list or range of IP addresses allowed for SCIM requests. The X-Origin-Request header in each request will be used to check the request IP address against the allowlist.

Once you have completed the required fields, you can generate a SCIM token and see your SCIM API endpoint. This token will only be presented once. Braze expects all SCIM requests to contain the SCIM API bearer token attached via an HTTP Authorization header.

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