Product Request Example

Here is an example of a good product request submitted by a customer. It clearly defines the request and details their use case for the feature.

Sample Request from Skyscanner

What problem are you trying to solve?

Skyscanner would like to be able to indicate the priority of certain tags over others, in the context of frequency capping.

What are some specific use cases?

This is where links to campaigns and Canvas can help as well as a description

As we’ll be rolling out more and more triggered campaigns, based on users behaviors, there is a chance that some emails end up telescoping each other, and that the ones scheduled to send early in the day will take precedence over those of the afternoon, as we cap at one email per day. This is not ideal, for example, emails concerning the bottom of the funnel (retargeting) drive more results than their TOFU (for example newsletter) counterparts, and we would like to be able to prioritize them.

For example, we would like to be able to define that freq. cap is at a maximum of one day, but that all campaigns and Canvases tagged with redirect retargeting are P0, all inspirational are P3, all retargeting for searches would be P2, Xsell might be P1, etc.

As an illustration, the result would then be to define tags in order of priority

Do you have any additional insight?

How would this benefit you and your teams more widely than “this is what we would be able to do”.

This would help us create our emails and campaigns as an ecosystem, and weave them in an overarching experience for the users, removing the headache of times of sends to make sure TOFU doesn’t take precedence.

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