Kochava offers mobile attribution and analytics to help you harness your data for growth. The Kochava Audience Platform enables you to plan, target, activate, measure, and optimize your app campaigns.

Kochava and Braze power a more holistic understanding of campaigns. Kochava sends attribution data to Braze to better understand what campaigns are driving installs, in-app activity, and more.


Step 1: Integration Requirements

  • This integration supports iOS, Android, and Windows apps.
  • If you expect more than 100 attributed installs per hour, you will need a Braze Enterprise account. See API Restrictions for more information.
  • Your app will need Braze’s SDK and Kochava’s SDK installed.
  • You will need to enable IDFA collection in Braze’s SDK.

Step 2: Getting the Attribution ID

Go to your Braze account, navigate to [“Technology Partners”, then “Attribution”][14] and find the API key and REST Endpoint in the Kochava section. The API key and the REST Endpoint are used in the next step when setting up a postback in Kochava’s dashboard.

Step 3: Setting Up A Postback from Kochava

Follow these instructions to add a postback in Kochava’s dashboard. You will be prompted for the key and REST Endpoint that you found in Braze’s Dashboard in Step 2. Select the “POST” request when creating the PostBack Call on Kochava’s dashboard.

Step 4: Confirming the Integration

Once Braze receives attribution data from Kochava, the status connection indicator on [“Technology Partners” , then “Attribution”][14] will change to green and a timestamp of the last successful request will be included. Note that this will not happen until we receive data about an attributed install. Organic installs are ignored by our API and are not counted when determining if a successful connection was established.

Note for Android and Windows Support: If you are planning to leverage the server side integration between Braze and Kochava, you’ll need to ensure that you utilize the ‘Identity Link’ method of the Kochava SDK to capture the ‘Braze ID’ for Android and Windows. Please ensure that you instrument this method to capture/pass the ‘Braze ID’ on SDK initialization to ensure it is available when Kochava is posting your data back to Braze via the server side integration.

Facebook and Twitter Attribution Data

Attribution data for Facebook and Twitter campaigns is not available through our partners. These media sources do not permit their partners to share attribution data with third-parties and, therefore, our partners cannot send that data to Braze.

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