Adjust is a mobile attribution and analytics company that combines attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics for a comprehensive picture of business intelligence.

Adjust allows you to import non-organic install attribution data to segment more intelligently within your lifecycle campaigns.


This integration supports iOS and Android apps.

Requirement Description
Braze SDK Be sure to enable the proper SDK for your needs - either Android or iOS.
Braze API Key & REST Endpoint In your Braze account, navigate to Technology Partners and search for Adjust. There, you’ll find the Install API Key and the REST Endpoint. The Install API Key and REST Endpoint will used to set up a postback in Adjust’s dashboard.
Adjust SDK Please see the Adjust docs for more information on this requirement.
Enable IDFA Collection in Braze SDK IDFA Collection is optional within the Braze SDK and disabled by default. This is required to be enabled for all of our Attribution partner integrations.
Braze Enterprise Account You will only need this if you expect more than 100 attributed installs per hour. See API Restrictions for more information.

If you have an Android app, you will need to include the code snippet below, which passes a unique Braze device ID to Adjust. You should call the following before initializing the SDK on Adjust.onCreate.:

Adjust.addSessionPartnerParameter("braze_device_id", Appboy.getInstance(getApplicationContext()).getDeviceId()););


To integrate Braze with Adjust, you must configure Braze in Adjust’s dashboard.

  1. In Adjust’s dashboard, navigate to App Settings and navigate to Partner Setup, then Add Partners.
  2. Select Braze (formerly Appboy).
  3. Copy the Braze API Key into the Install API Key field.
    • There is a separate Event API Key field available in the Adjust dashboard. Please contact your success manager for more information.
  4. Copy the Braze REST Endpoint into the REST_endpoint field.
  5. Click Save & Close.

Attribution Parameters

Assuming you configure your integration as suggested above, Braze will map Adjust’s data to segment filters as described below.

Adjust Attribution Parameter Braze Segment Filter
{network_name} Attributed Source
{campaign_name} Attributed Campaign
{adgroup_name} Attributed Adgroup
{creative_name} Attributed Ad

Facebook and Twitter Attribution Data

Attribution data for Facebook and Twitter campaigns is not available through our partners. Facebook and Twitter do not permit their partners to share attribution data with third-parties and, therefore, our partners cannot send that data to Braze.

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