NPAW, also knows as Nice People at Work, is an intelligent data analytics platform that provides actionable insights to leading online media professionals. With NPAW’s YOUBORA tool suite, Braze customers can now leverage a predictive and robust AI to greater understand customer behavior and drive engagement accross platforms.


Requirement Origin Description
YOUBORA API Key YOUBORA Settings An API Key generated on user sign up and can be located under Settings
ID Braze Settings YOUBORA gives you the options of whether to link the software to Braze via a Braze ID, an external User ID, or a User ID
Endpoint Braze Settings A fully customizable URL endpoint configurable through your Braze Dashboard

Analytics Integration

Accessing the Integrations page

After logging into your YOUBORA tool suite account, navigate to the Intgrations page by selecting Integrations option from the drop-down account menu found at the top right corner of the screen as shown below.


Configuring Your Integration

Once you have accessed the Integration page, scroll down until you see the Braze integration option. After clicking on this, it will expand and offer a number of required parameters to fill out as shown below:


Fill in the details with the appropriate information gathered from the prequisites section, where:

  • Connector Name is an alphanumeric string that will be used to reffer to this integration in the future. This value can be set to anything you like as long as it contains only letters and numbers.
  • User ID is the ID previously chosen to link your YOUBORA software with your Braze account. For example, if you choose to perform the link via your Braze ID, select Braze ID from the dropdown to assign the value to the proper field.
  • API Key is your YOUBORA tools suite API Key found previously within the API section under Settings .
  • Endpoint is the customizable URL endpoint previously setup within your Braze Dashboard.

Once all the fields have been filled out, simply click on the Connect button to establish a connection and save the changes made.

Using Your NPAW Integration

Once you have finished configuring your integration with Braze, navivate to the Users product and select the Sample Manager within the Sections Manager.


After creating a sample within the Sample Manger, you will now be able to click on the triple dot icon on the right-hand side to send all users within your sample to Braze.


Now, once you send your users to Braze, you can take action and focus campaigns on user segments to re-engage inactive users, contact your most loyal users or any action on any user segment!

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