Neura Insights

Neura helps leading mobile brands drive higher customer engagement & retention with AI-powered, real-world behavioral insights and advanced campaign segmentation & triggering.

Leverage Neura insights to uncover the relationships between each user’s real-world behavior and the actions they take in your app in order to find the best moment to engage with each user.


Integration Details

To integrate the Neura SDK you simply add a few lines of code to your AppDelegate on iOS or MainActivity class on Android.

First, find your App ID on the “Developer Console” section of the Braze Dashboard and create a new API Key with users.track, and users.export.ids permissions.


Complete the Mobile Engagement Platform section of your application in the Neura Console, as follows:

API Key: Insert the key you’ve created in the Braze platform.

Region: Braze manages server endpoints in different regions. Use your region as the input to the “Server” field.

Android/iOS App ID: We recommend providing a unique Braze application ID for each mobile platform, allowing you to segment the users for each platform individually.


Last, ensure that Braze and Neura users are mapped: Create a user alias labeled neura_id with your user’s neura_id Set a custom user attribue with the key-value pair neura, true

[[Appboy sharedInstance].user addAlias:NEURA_USER_ID withLabel:@"neura_id"];
[[Appboy sharedInstance].user setCustomAttributeWithKey:@"neura" andBOOLValue:true];
Braze.getInstance(YOUR_ACTIVITY.this).getCurrentUser().addAlias(NEURA_USER_ID, "neura_id");
Braze.getInstance(YOUR_ACTIVITY.this).getCurrentUser().setCustomUserAttribute("neura", true);

Set External ID: Similar to when the changeUser method should be called in Braze (as soon as the user gets identified, generally after logging in, in order to set the user id), we recommend also setting the user ID as an External ID in Neura:

NExternalId *externalIdObj = [[NExternalId alloc] initWithExternalId:@"USER_ID"];
NeuraSDK.shared.externalId = externalIdObj;

Sending Engagement Data to Neura

Neura’s generic data import allows for two types of import methods:

  1. Export your Currents data to Amazon S3. Our customer success team will work with you to translate the data to Neura.

  2. Follow the instructions to use the Neura Insights API.

Neura closes the loop by sending actionable data back to Braze, so you can seamlessly execute on Neura’s real-world insights right within Braze. After you’ve identified the right engagement moment for the right user, easily create campaigns and Canvases with Neura Actions in Braze.


See the Neura developer site for more details, tutorials, and FAQs.

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