Skip to content, built by the team at Massive Rocket, a data and CRM agency, is a standardized and automated approach to running CRM programs, providing tools and processes designed to get Braze customers to value quickly, consistently, and predictably.

The Braze and integration allows you to deploy a service to monitor your progress in the utilization of Braze. Through a combination of tools and processes, they will rapidly benchmark your CRM performance, identify new opportunities and provide recommendations on how to perform better.


Requirement Description account An account is required to take advantage of this partnership.
Braze REST API key A Braze REST API key with the permissions listed in the next section.

This can be created in the Braze dashboard from Settings > API Keys.
Braze REST endpoint Your REST endpoint URL. Your endpoint will depend on the Braze URL for your instance.


To integrate Braze and, the platform must be configured, and a Braze API key needs to be created in Braze and configured in the dashboard.

Step 1: Create your Braze API Key

In Braze, navigate to Settings > API Keys. Select Create New API Key and ensure following permissions are added:

  • campaigns.list
  • campaigns.data_series
  • campaigns.details
  • sends.data_series
  • segments.list
  • segments.data_series
  • segments.details
  • events.list
  • canvas.list
  • canvas.data_series
  • canvas.details
  • canvas.data_summary
  • kpi.mau.data_series
  • kpi.dau.data_series
  • kpi.new_users.data_series
  • kpi.uninstalls.data_series

Step 2: Provide information to the team

To complete the integration, you must provide your REST API key and REST endpoint URL to your operations team. will then establish the connection and reach out to you after the setup is complete and be in touch to start sharing insights.

The "add platform" page that the operations team will configure.


Contact the or Massive Rocket team for additional support: [email protected]

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