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Frequently asked questions

This article provides answers to some frequently asked questions about Audience Sync.

How long does it take for my audiences to populate in my Audience Sync partner dashboard?

The time it takes to populate an audience depends on the specific partner.

All networks will process the requests from Braze and attempt to match users. This process can typically take anywhere from 6-48 hours.

You can check the specific time range within the Troubleshooting section within the documentation for each Audience Sync partner.

What type of first-party data can I use in my Audience Sync?

The specific fields used for each partner may vary depending on the partner’s requirements.

For example, when you configure an Audience Sync to Facebook, you will be able to use a wide variety of first-party fields like email, phone, first name, and last name, whereas, with Snapchat, you will only be able to select either email, phone, or mobile advertiser ID.

It is important to note that the user fields you can select to sync correlate with Braze standard attributes and the mobile advertising IDs. You must ensure you appropriately pass this data via our SDKs or APIs.

What occurs when my data is being processed to send to each Audience Sync partner?

The data you select to send to your Audience Sync destination will be normalized. Each partner may have different specifications for data normalization based on their API requirements, so please review each partner-specific endpoint for further details.

In addition, Braze will hash all data before syncing users with our Audience Sync partners, ensuring that all PII is hashed using SHA256.

What are the most common errors that can occur when creating and managing my Audience Syncs?

  • Invalid Token
    • Typical causes include if you have changed your password to log into a specific ad network or if your credentials expire.
    • To resolve this issue, simply go into the specific partner page in question to disconnect and reconnect your account.
  • Audience Size Too Low
    • This error will typically occur if you have created an Audience Sync step that removes users from your audiences. If your audience size gets close to zero, the network can flag that the audience size is too low to serve.
    • To resolve this issue, ensure that you are considering an Audience Sync strategy that regularly adds and removes users where it doesn’t fully deplete the audience size.
  • Audience Does Not Exist
    • This error occurs because the Audience Sync step uses an audience that does not exist. This can also be triggered if you don’t have the necessary permission to access the audience.
    • To resolve this issue, add an active audience within your Audience Sync configuration or create a new audience.
  • Ad Account Access Attempt
    • This error occurs if you don’t have permissions for the ad account and/or audience that you selected.
    • To resolve this issue, work with the Admins of your ad account to get proper access and permissions.
  • Invalid Settings
    • This error will trigger if you have not configured a specific Audience Sync destination in Canvas, including the ad account, audience, or user fields to match.
    • To resolve this issue, complete the configuration of each partner before launching.
  • Terms of Service
    • For some Audience Sync destinations, like Facebook, it is required by the ad network to accept specific terms of services to use the Audience Sync feature. This error will trigger if you have not accepted the appropriate terms.
    • To resolve this issue, ensure you have accepted each partner’s required terms. For Facebook specifically, review Facebook troubleshooting.
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