Braze Innovation Statement

Last updated December 2018.

Braze continually strives to enhance existing, and create new, features, functionality, products and services. To do so, Braze not only seeks feedback from its customers, but also endeavors to anticipate its customers’ needs.

As part of its innovation strategy, Braze analyzes information contained in the Braze Services and how the Braze Services are used (e.g., analysis of User clicks and movements across the Dashboard), in order to provide and improve the Services, as well as to provide consultative and analytical information to its customers generally.

Braze also communicates with (Dashboard) Users to educate and inform them of ways to optimize their use of the Services and to share Braze’s innovation efforts. Braze may send emails to (Dashboard) Users or communicate with them through the Dashboard. Customers can also subscribe to Braze’s Github repositories to receive notifications when new releases are made.

Braze owns all right, title and interest in and to any material resulting from such activities.

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