Use Cases

Attracting New Users

Initial Onboarding

Until users takes the initial steps towards using your app (such as registering an account), their value is severely limited. Use push notifications to urge users to complete these steps so they can begin using your app in full.

First Purchases

After users are comfortable using your app, you can use push notifications to help convert them into in-app purchasers.

Re-Engagement Campaigns

If you don’t have an email address and your users aren’t using the app, this may be the only hope you have of bringing them back. Be warned that these can be taken negatively if they’re poorly timed or not relevant to the user.

New Features

Push notifications can be effective in notifying disengaged users about new features that might attract them back to your app.

Time-Sensitive Offers

If you have a clock ticking on an offer, sometimes Push is a great way to let your users know about it before it expires. These messages generally carry a high sense of urgency and are optimal for reminding recently-lapsed users about your app.

Example: Maybe your app is a game and you offer your users an in-game currency bonus if they maintain a streak of playing the game daily. Alerting a user that that streak is in danger of being broken could be a reasonable push if they’ve exceeded a certain number of days.

For more information on re-engaging lapsed users, see our Quick Wins page on the topic.

Push should be formatted in plain-text. Key value pairs allow for “Deep-linking” to external URLs or in-app features.

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