API Campaigns

Campaigns sent through the Messaging API can have the same detailed reporting and retargeting options as campaigns created on the dashboard. This section of the documentation will detail how to generate a campaign_id to include in your API calls and take advantage of this feature.

Step 1: Click “API Campaigns” on the “Campaigns” page

Navigate to the Braze Campaigns page in your company dashboard and click “Create Campaign” then click “API Campaigns”

API Campaigns

Step 2: Configuring API Campaigns

  1. Add a descriptive title so you can find the results on our campaigns page after you’ve sent your messages.
  2. Click the “Add Message” button and add the messages types which will be included in your API campaign.
  3. Optionally add a conversion event to track user conversions on a specific action or campaign goal.
  4. Click “Save Campaign” and you’re set to begin your API campaign.
  5. Include the generated campaign_id fields with your API request where noted in the Messaging API - Send Endpoint Spec

Configuring API Campaigns

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