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Smart TV integration

The Braze Web SDK lets you collect analytics and display rich in-app messages and Content Card messages to Smart TV users, including Samsung Tizen TVs and LG TVs (webOS).

For a complete technical reference, check out our Javascript Documentation or our sample apps to see the Web SDK running on a TV.

Install the Braze SDK

To get started, follow our Initial SDK setup guide for the Web SDK.

There are two changes required when integrating with Smart TVs:

  1. When downloading or importing the Web SDK, be sure to use the “core” bundle.
  2. When initializing the Web SDK, you must set the disablePushTokenMaintenance and manageServiceWorkerExternally initialization options to true.


All of the same Web SDK methods for analytics can be used on Smart TVs.

For a complete guide to tracking custom events, custom attributes, and more, read our Analytics documentation.

In-app messages and Content Cards

Braze’s Web SDK supports both in-app messages and Content Cards on Smart TVs. Note that you must use the “Core” Web SDK as rendering in-app messages and Content Cards is not supported using our standard UI display and should instead be customized by your app to fit into your TV App’s experience.

Visit Manual in-app message display for more information on how your Smart TV App can receive and display in-app messages.

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