Customizing the Unity package

You can choose to customize and export the Braze Unity package using the provided scripts.

  1. Clone the Braze Unity SDK Github project:

     git clone
  2. From the appboy-unity-sdk/scripts directory, run ./ to export the Unity packages.
    • Unity should be open while running
  3. The packages will be exported to appboy-unity-sdk/unity-package/.
  4. In the Unity Editor, import the desired package into your Unity project by navigating to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.
  5. (Optional) Deselect any files you do not wish to import.

You can customize the exported Unity package by editing both and the export script located at Assets/Editor/Build.cs.

Prime 31 compatibility

In order to use the Braze Unity plugin with Prime31 plugins, edit your project’s AndroidManifest.xml to use the Prime31 compatible Activity classes. Change all references of com.appboy.unity.AppboyUnityPlayerActivity to com.appboy.unity.prime31compatible.AppboyUnityPlayerActivity

Amazon ADM push

Braze supports integrating Amazon ADM push into Unity apps. If you would like to integrate Amazon ADM push, create a file called api_key.txt containing your ADM API key and place it in the Plugins/Android/assets/ folder. For more information on integrating Amazon ADM with Braze, please visit our ADM push integration instructions.

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