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Customizing the Unity package

You can choose to customize and export the Braze Unity package using the provided scripts.

  1. Clone the Braze Unity SDK GitHub project:

     git clone
  2. From the appboy-unity-sdk/scripts directory, run ./ to export the Unity packages. Unity should be open while running
  3. The packages will be exported to appboy-unity-sdk/unity-package/.
  4. In the Unity Editor, import the desired package into your Unity project by navigating to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.
  5. (Optional) Deselect any files you do not wish to import.

You can customize the exported Unity package by editing both and the export script located at Assets/Editor/Build.cs.

Prime 31 compatibility

To use the Braze Unity plugin with Prime31 plugins, edit your project’s AndroidManifest.xml to use the Prime31 compatible Activity classes. Change all references of com.appboy.unity.AppboyUnityPlayerActivity to com.appboy.unity.prime31compatible.AppboyUnityPlayerActivity

Amazon ADM push

Braze supports integrating Amazon ADM push into Unity apps. If you would like to integrate Amazon ADM push, create a file called api_key.txt containing your ADM API key and place it in the Plugins/Android/assets/ folder. For more information on integrating Amazon ADM with Braze, visit our ADM push integration instructions.

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