News Feed Integration Overview

Integrating the view controller ABKNewsFeedViewController will display the Braze News Feed.

You have a great deal of flexibility in how you choose to display the view controllers. There are different versions of the view controllers to accommodate different navigation structures.

The News Feed that is called by the default behavior of an in-app message click will not respect any delegates that you set for the News Feed. If you want to respect that, you must set the delegate on ABKInAppMessageUIController and implement the ABKInAppMessageUIDelegate delegate method onInAppMessageClicked:.

News Feed View Controller Integration Options

The News Feed can be integrated with 2 view controller contexts, either in code or via a storyboard implementation.

ABKNewsFeedTableViewController *newsFeed = [ABKNewsFeedTableViewController getNavigationFeedViewController];
[self.navigationController pushViewController:newsFeed animated:YES];
  • Used to present the view controller in a modal view, with a navigation bar on top and a Done button on the right side of the bar
  • Set the modal’s title via the embedded ABKNewsFeedTableViewController instance’s navigationItem’s title property
  • If a delegate is NOT set the Done button will dismiss the modal view
  • If a delegate is set the Done button will call the delegate, and the delegate itself will be responsible for dismissing the view
ABKNewsFeedViewController *newsFeed = [[ABKNewsFeedViewController alloc] init];
[self.navigationController presentViewController:newsFeed animated:YES completion:nil];

The Stopwatch sample project contains examples of the view controllers.

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