Overriding Default Images

Braze allows clients to replace existing default images with their own custom images. To accomplish this, create a new png file with the custom image and add it to the app’s image bundle. Then, rename the file with the image’s name (see below) to override the default image in our library. Images available for override in Content Cards include:

  • Placeholder image: appboy_cc_noimage_lrg.
  • Pinned icon image: appboy_cc_icon_pinned.

Because Content Cards have a maximum size of 2kb (including images, links, and all content) make sure to check the size before sending. Exceeding this amount will prevent the card from sending.

Customizing the Content Cards Feed

You can create your own Content Cards interface by extending ABKContentCardsTableViewController to customize all UI elements and Content Cards behavior. The Content Card cells may also be subclassed and then used programmatically or by introducing a custom Storyboard that registers the new classes. See the Content Cards sample app for a more complete example. Alternatively, you can create a completely custom view controller and subscribe for data updates. In the latter case, you would need to log all view events, dismissed events, and clicks manually.

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