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Disabling data collection for iOS

To comply with data privacy regulations, data tracking activity on the iOS SDK can be stopped entirely using the disableSDK method. This method will cause all network connections to be canceled, and the Braze SDK will not pass any data to Braze’s servers. If you wish to resume data collection later, you can use the requestEnableSDKOnNextAppRun method in the future to resume data collection.

Additionally, you can use the method wipeDataAndDisableForAppRun to fully clear all client-side data stored on the device.

Unless a user uninstalls all apps from a vendor on a given device, the next Braze SDK and app runs after calling wipeDataAndDisableForAppRun() will result in our server re-identifying that user via their device identifier (IDFV). In order to fully remove all user data, you should combine a call to wipeDataAndDisableForAppRun with a request to delete data on the server via the Braze REST API.

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