uno Home Loans Improves Conversions by 47% With Personalized Emails and SMS

uno Home Loans is Australians’ trusted partner in researching and connecting with home loan providers. To maintain engagement over long periods and raise awareness of its services, the company partnered with Braze to refine targeting, add automation, and improve personalization in its email campaigns.

Buying and moving into a new house is a long journey, so it’s no wonder that home buyers want to relax and put their feet up after the moving truck leaves. Lucky for them, this is when uno Home Loans, the online mortgage broker serving Australia, kicks into high gear. The company doesn’t just find great deals for home buyers: It’s an “Active Home Loan Manager.” Even after the initial home purchase, uno monitors the loan market and updates customers periodically with a LoanScore that shows how much they could save by refinancing or switching lenders.

The key to uno’s success is reaching out to customers with personalized messages on a regular cadence, encouraging Australian home buyers to consider changing up their mortgages. Since uno captures a tremendous amount of customer data through its lending platform, the mortgage broker needs a customer engagement platform that can seamlessly capture this data, create personalized communications, and meet stringent compliance requirements for the financial services industry.

To accomplish these goals (and more), uno turned to Braze and its Alloys ecosystem of tech and solutions partners.

How uno Maintained Engagement Through the Long Loan Cycle

Mortgage loan cycles are usually measured in years, not days or weeks. For this reason, uno needs campaigns with staying power. They had to be designed for the long term, but quickly find the sweet spots for frequency and content, and pivot when customer needs and preferences change. The email and marketing campaign providers that uno used previously weren’t up to the task: They were difficult to set up and scale, couldn’t meet compliance requirements, and suffered from deliverability issues.

In order to accomplish their goals, the mortgage broker began by carefully targeting its communications around all the different needs of its audience. They used Segment to collect and stream their customer data to other parts of uno's technology stack, and Amplitude for further analysis, a combination that allowed the mortgage broker to create data-defined cohorts for more intelligent targeting and then seamlessly leverage them within Braze for immediate action.

They identified five different segments that had specific needs they could tailor content to:

  • Purchasing a house to live in

  • Purchasing a house as an investment

  • Refinancing a house to live in

  • Refinancing a house as an investment

  • Loanscore customer

Before working with Braze, uno could not automate solutions for creating and deploying cross-channel campaigns. To create their new messaging flow, uno uses Braze Canvas—our customer journey tool, to automate campaigns—while identifying points in campaigns where people might drop off. At these points, uno can drive people back to the uno website by prompting them with relevant emails and SMS messages, such as:

  • A start opportunity: Triggered when a customer has started an opportunity but not finished it. The email prompts them to log back into where they left off and finish the flow.

  • First view of the user Dashboard: This email provides a tutorial on the new interactive customer dashboard, sent the first time a user logs into it

  • Update your details: Loan info can often become out of date within weeks of subscription. This email asks users to update their information, and is sent every three months to customers older than six months who have not recently engaged.

To ensure that their email strategy could reach its full potential, uno introduced a new IP warming strategy in connection with Braze that leveraged the platform to help with deliverability and campaign performance based on new volume of daily sends. However, rather than sending emails to all of their engaged users, they implemented a delay and sent IP warming messages to a random assortment of users, gradually building up over time and identifying segments of users who were really engaged, middle engaged, and least engaged, supporting better deliverability and targeting.

To customize their campaign’s 30 different pieces of email content, uno turned to Braze Content Blocks, which can be used to dynamically create as many different message blocks as needed for varying pathways and audiences. Content Blocks can easily be updated, allowing uno to quickly implement new partner offerings and updates to scores and rates. This also allows the uno team to ensure the personalized emails comply with legal requirements and partner messaging rules as each Content Block has been audited. With this new strategy, uno has evolved its previous two generic customer journeys into five that cater to each customer’s specific loan type. Built with Braze Canvas, our customer journey management tool, uno automated the campaigns around points they identified where users might drop off. At those integral points, uno prompts customers with relevant messages that gets them back onto the site and down the funnel.

“Using Braze has really helped to take uno's customer communications program to the next level,” says Jessica Pilon-Summons, Customer Communications Specialist at uno Home Loans. “Now we can easily set up multiple customer journeys, automate at scale, personalise via APIs, improve deliverability. Braze was easy to integrate with other platforms within our technology stack.”

uno Results: 40% Improvement in Open Rates, 47% Improvement in Conversions

With improved targeting and personalization, uno significantly improved the performance and compliance of its email campaigns. Overall, uno improved its average open rate from 20% to 56%, with two recent emails achieving conversion rates of over 4%, a 47% improvement over past campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Buying homes and finding the right mortgages is a stressful process, albeit one with a happy ending. In those moments, customers need partners they’ve come to know and trust—like uno, whose business model is based on winning trust and supporting customers over the long haul. Targeted and personalized messages that help guide customers through many mortgage options help keep awareness of the uno brand high.

To learn more about Braze Canvas and how it can support better user experiences and more cohesive customer journeys, check out “5 Ingredients for a Successful Braze Canvas Recipe.”