Suunto’s Cross-Channel Campaign Increases Contest Participation 5X

Suunto makes watches, compasses, and dive products used by athletes and adventurers. To help promote its World Vertical Week, Suunto created a cross-channel campaign with in-app messages, Content Cards, and push notifications. As a result, Suunto increased participation by over 440%.

If you’re a super-advanced mountain climber, athlete, or diver, you likely either have a Suunto device or you’re coveting one. Based in Vantaa, Finland, the company makes sports watches, dive computers, compasses, and other precision instruments designed to perform at the highest level for adventure athletes around the world. Suunto’s mission: To inspire people to turn their adventure dreams into reality.

The company’s annual World Vertical Week encourages Suunto fans to climb as many meters as possible in one week—with Suunto tallying the results to see which country and sport went the most vertical. To increase participation in the event, Suunto leveraged Braze to engage the brand’s audience, using multiple channels including in-app messages (IAMs) featuring HTML carousels, Braze Content Cards, and push notifications.

Messaging that Inspires Customers to Get Out and Climb

Suunto’s World Vertical Week promotion is a smart way to drive engagement with the brand, and the company wanted to expand its use of Braze to better connect with customers and Vertical Week fans. Suunto’s mobile app was the logical place to encourage Vertical Week signups, especially for participants with a Suunto sports watch, since the app and the watch complement each other. However, the company wanted to step up the engagement beyond the app and experiment with different messages across multiple channels.

The first step: Creating a Braze Segment for people who signed up for World Vertical Week, since this user group would receive targeted messages. Next, users received an IAM alerting them to the event; app users were opted in through a custom HTML carousel powered by Braze IAMs. Additional in-app messages alerted users about how to share their World Vertical Week scores, while Braze Content Cards—a flexible, persistent in-app channel—were sent to participants and integrated into the main app feed. Those who hadn’t yet joined the event received push notifications letting them know that it was time to climb and start the challenge.

As World Vertical Week progressed, IAMs featuring deep links redirected participants to their weekly summary reviews in the app. Detailed targeting was essential for this campaign because of its international scope, with different languages and cultures, different rules, and different messaging from nation to nation. During the campaign, Suunto used analytics platform and Braze Alloys partner Amplitude to optimize targeting and messaging through measurement and analysis of engagement data.

“Braze is a super-valuable tool for promotions like World Vertical Week,” says Antti Laiho, Brand Marketing Manager for Suunto. “It allows us to localize and target messages through campaign segments and share relevant content at the right time to both participants and non-participants alike. The result is a highly engaging campaign that resonates well with our community.”

Suunto Results: Participation Climbs by 440%

By reaching customers via several new channels, Suunto was able to increase World Vertical Week participation over 440% in 2021. In addition, after the event began, push notifications sent to non-participants achieved a 7% conversion rate, driving even more interest and participation. Users enjoyed checking and sharing their progress and seeing how other competitors were doing, increasing engagement with both the Suunto app and Suunto products.

Final Thoughts

When Suunto was ready to build more complex customer engagement campaigns, Braze was there to help the brand rapidly get its footing. The value of cross-channel campaigns quickly revealed itself, delivering more than five times as many participants as the previous year, including many who joined after the event began.

To learn more about engaging with customers via IAMs, read the Braze article, “How to Boost Conversions Using In-App Messages.”