"Braze’s commitment to open access and their investments in near instantaneous event updating with Currents allows our team to access, analyze and action off of this customer data in real-time."

Andrew Touchstone, Director of Growth Marketing at Postmates

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real-time optimization

Postmates uses Currents to identify friction points and iterate on the fly. A moment to remember? That real-time optimization during their campaign with ABC’s The Bachelorette. #goals

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Solutions discovered early and often

Postmates identifies the highest-performing variant of their rewards programs using our Intelligence Suite. This analysis helps their team boost impact and strengthen LTV with Currents in real time.

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Postmates keeps a pulse on open rates and other performance metrics from the Braze dashboard. They make improvements the same day everything was sent.

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Urban Outfitters

Sky's the limit at Urban Outfitters. And rightfully so: they count on the Braze platform—hosted and architected on AWS—to deliver brand experiences that exceed expectations and raise LTV campaign after campaign.

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American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society (ACS) uses Braze to keep engagement thoughtful and fresh. This nonprofit delivers messaging experiences that feel as good as the work they do.

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momondo ignites wanderlust. This booking app uses Braze to channel bucket lists and pass the travel bug, and they increase ROI while they do it.

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