numo’s indi Banking App Drives a 73% Conversion Rate With Cross-Channel Onboarding Powered by Braze

When numo’s digital banking app, indi, looked to consolidate their messaging and get more users depositing and spending with their service, they turned to Braze—driving a 73% conversion rate.

A numo company, indi is a digital banking and payments technology that helps businesses pay 1099 employees and offers easy-to-access banking tools to reduce payment processing costs and financial stress. Workers and employers who use indi can access nearly 18,000 fee-free ATMs across the country.

As indi looked to streamline their messaging strategy and get more users depositing and spending money using their product, they hoped to partner with a customer engagement platform that could scale with their growth and provide a trusted, all-in-one solution for onboarding users and engaging them throughout their lifecycle.

Unifying Messaging

Prior to Braze, indi had a siloed messaging strategy where transactional and marketing messaging were handled by two different tools. Additionally, indi generally lacked the ability to A/B test their messaging across transactional and marketing efforts, which made it difficult to gain a better understanding of their users and to make data-driven decisions.

indi’s team also recognized a specific problem that they hoped to solve: When users were approved for new accounts, it took 7 to 12 business days for them to receive their physical debit card in the mail. Those users would have full access to the app and could deposit money, but many of them were reluctant without their card. So, indi wanted to encourage users to begin depositing and spending money as soon as they were approved for an account, rather than waiting for a physical card to arrive.

How They Made It Happen With Braze

After switching to Braze, indi participated in multiple Braze live training sessions to get them up to speed on how to use Canvas, our customer journey builder, and Liquid personalization, which allows brands to easily add any recipient’s personal details into the communications they have with users.

Once they spent some time mastering Canvas and Liquid, indi created a new cross-channel onboarding canvas with four conversion events across email, SMS, and push. Users in this onboarding Canvas received communications that gave them an overview of the app and its features while also setting expectations for the other kinds of communications they could expect from indi.

Using Liquid, indi referenced specific custom attributes (like the referral partner associated with a given user) to populate user profiles and add deeper personalization to those communications with customers. Liquid also saved indi time—this feature made it possible to create one templated email, easily populate that email with user information and custom attributes, and to be confident that users would get the right message at the right time in their journey.

Finally, indi created a Digital Debit Card feature in their mobile app. And with Braze-powered messaging detailing how and why to use the Digital Debit Card feature, users were given a better understanding of the value of depositing money and transacting with indi, even before their physical card arrived.

“Working closely with the Braze team has been nothing short of brilliant. Their Customer Success team took the time to get to know our business, learn about our processes, and teach our wider team how to succeed with our campaigns. I have also benefited greatly from their live training sessions. These interactive courses didn’t just help provide us with the tools to maximize Braze effectively, it also provided us with ideas about how to build out future campaigns to boost things like customer re-engagement and satisfaction.”

Natalie Tomko
Lifecycle Marketing Manager at indi

indi Results: Better Onboarding

Since adopting Braze, indi has seen 28% of users adding money to their account and 20% making a purchase with their Digital Debit Card feature within the first 2 days of being approved for an account—transactions that previously would not occur until after users received their card in the mail 7–12 days later.

And the onboarding Canvas indi set up? It’s driving 73% of users to convert, aligning directly with their leadership team’s key KPIs.

Some residual benefits of indi’s migration to Braze also included saving their team time with better data analysis, more sophisticated A/B testing to analyze variants across campaigns, and gaining the ability to automate messaging based on user behaviors.

Key Takeaways

  1. Siloed cross-channel messaging can make it difficult to know how successful your marketing efforts are.

  2. Guiding users and keeping them informed through email, push notifications, and SMS should feel like an ongoing conversation.

  3. With Braze, brands can easily personalize messaging, driving more value for their users—and more revenue