LinkAja Boosts Transaction Rates by 32% With Braze and Braze Alloys
32% Increase in User Transactions


LinkAja wanted to drive more transactions within the first 14 days of downloading their app.


LinkAja leveraged Braze together with Braze Alloys technology partners Mixpanel and Looker to better segment, target and engage customers and more easily communicate and consistently measure campaign performance in real time, respectively.


LinkAja saw a 10% increase in transaction volume in users’ first week and a 32% increase in transactions in their first two weeks.

LinkAja is Indonesia’s national payment system, with an app used by more than 75 million consumers for cashless transactions. Backed by some of the largest state-owned companies with recent funding coming in from decacorns like Gojek and Grab. From paying bills to transportation, LinkAja use cases are everywhere, especially for daily essentials, which are very important for LinkAja's primary target audience. LinkAja's objective is to bring financial literacy and inclusion to all Indonesians.

Alloys Partnerships

As LinkAja usership grew, their team looked to more effectively engage users and expand their messaging strategy while also increasing and retaining healthy active users. LinkAja were initially only communicating with users via push notifications and in-app messages (IAM), but knew that adding other channels would help them to better communicate with users. They also had a desire to execute campaigns faster and introduce more complex marketing strategies, such as cross-selling and up-selling. Additionally, LinkAja wanted a customer engagement platform that would enable them to seamlessly connect to other tools in their tech stack, such as Mixpanel and Looker.

That’s why they banked on Braze.

Creating Long-Term Adopters Early

Even before Braze, the team at LinkAja had noticed that more users became long-term adopters if they made their first transaction within 14 days of downloading the app. However, they also noticed that first transaction rates within those first 14 days were fairly low—under 15%. So the question was: How could they speed up the timeline of those critical first transactions and get more users engaged with their app?

LinkAja started by setting up a Canvas messaging flow in Braze leveraging push notifications, email, and in-app messages (IAM). During the first 7 days after registration, they focused on onboarding and educating the users with a welcome email and push notifications as well as IAMs prompting users to complete their ID verification and quick tutorials on using the app, such as how to see their account balance.

Following those first 7 days, LinkAja focused on promotions, knowing that they would drive users to make transactions. Then, using Braze Alloys technology partner Mixpanel, LinkAja was able to better segment, target and engage users based on where they were in their customer journey. And with Currents, the Braze platform’s high-volume data export tool, the data gathered was automatically sent back to Braze for deeper insights on conversions, retention, and app usage.

Finally, all of the customer lifecycle data Linkaja collected in Mixpanel was seamlessly sent to and quickly visualized with Braze Alloys technology partner Looker, eliminating the burden of manually modeling extracted data and enabling the team to have a real-time sense of the success of the campaign or adjustments to be made.

The Payoff

With Braze, LinkAja has seen a 10% increase in transactions within a user’s first 7 days and a 32% lift in transactions in the first 14 days. And LinkAja’s small team now has an easier time interpreting and visualizing data, collaborating on campaigns, segmenting users, creating customer journeys with Braze Canvas, and automating what they used to do manually—all resulting in more successful campaigns that better serve their users.

10% Lift in user transactions in their first week
32% Increase in user transactions in their first two weeks

Key Takeaways

Engaging new users early and often is an essential component of launching a successful new app or platform. This was especially true for LinkAja, where widespread adoption and customer service were the primary goals in creating the customer-facing digital platform for Indonesia’s four largest banks. With Braze and its Braze Alloys partners, LinkAja now has a scalable way to engage users and has already seen huge increases in transactions early into their journeys.

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