Getaway Increases Bookings, Retention, and Revenue With Personalized Messaging

Getaway helps travelers balance their busy lives with stays at cabins nestled in nature around the United States. In order to create more personalized, automated campaigns at scale, Getaway turned to Braze.

Lock away your phone, connect with loved ones, and enjoy quiet time in nature: That’s the vision of Getaway, the health and wellness hospitality company that wants to help customers balance their busy lives. A stay at one of Getaway’s 15 Outposts of remote cabins, located within a few hours’ drive from select US metro areas, provides space to unplug, recharge, and enjoy nature. Travelers are taken care of with well-equipped kitchens, comfy beds, and even cellphone lockboxes to keep those distractions out of reach.

In order to provide more valuable messages, Getaway wanted to develop a personalized email campaign that guided travelers through the booking and arrival process. They were about to launch a new Outpost in Chicago, and needed to announce the expansion to relevant users. Having outgrown their previous customer engagement platform, they turned to Braze.

Targeted Messaging Promotes a New Location and Connects with Customers

Getaway’s goals were ambitious: The company wanted to expand the number of US Outposts from 12 in 2020 to 17 by the end of 2021, ramp up bookings, raise its net promoter score (NPS), and attract repeat customers. In addition, Getaway’s marketing team wanted to stress the fact that their cabins intrinsically offered socially distant vacations, which would appeal to people looking for safer travel options during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite an active marketing email program, Getaway was limited by its previous email platform, which lacked needed messaging capabilities. The brand decided to switch to Braze to support the creation of more personalized campaigns and continue to scale their programs as they grew. First up: Transforming the check-in journey.

Using Braze Canvas, our customer journey builder, Getaway developed a flow of transactional emails for all customers who booked an Outpost stay. Delivered 7 days before their stay and on the day of arrival, the emails focused on how to check in, details of the stay, things to do in the area, and other valuable information. By leveraging Braze Content Blocks, a library of dynamic and reusable content, they easily automated these highly-personalized emails to ensure appeal and relevance.

When it came time to launch the new Chicago Outpost, Getaway created a relevant announcement email for a segment of its existing customer base. After identifying the right segments, the brand used Braze Intelligent Timing, which calculates optimal send times based on past interactions, to deliver the email when members of these customer cohorts were most likely to open it.

“We have big plans for expanding Outposts–which means we need a marketing partner that can grow with us and help us reach many more Getaway customers,” says Jordan Strickland, Growth Email Manager at Getaway. “With Braze, our messages are always targeted to travelers based on where they are and how they like to communicate with us, increasing engagement and conversions.”

Getaway Results: 30% Increase in Repeat Customers, $300+K in Chicago Booking Revenue in First Week of Launch

By identifying the right audience to send personalized messaging about safe and relaxing vacations, Getaway successfully engaged with new and repeat customers. The new transactional message journey helped result in a 30% increase in repeat customers. The emails also helped drive over $300K in revenue during the first week of their Chicago Outpost opening.

Final Thoughts

It’s fine to talk up the need for personalized and perfectly timed marketing messages. But as a business grows, that goal is only achievable if you have access to automated solutions that can scale to match ambitious expansion plans. With the right tools, Getaway makes every message reach the right people, at the right time, and in the right place.

To learn more about the state of email marketing, watch the Braze TV video, “How Email Can Stay Relevant in the Era Mobile and AI” .