Fishbrain Uses Braze, Phiture, and Amplitude to Increase Paid Subscriptions by 33%

Fishbrain helps 11 million anglers worldwide to get better at fishing. It’s the place to be for anglers of all levels to learn new tips, buy fishing gear and brag about their catches to the passionate global social community. Using Braze and Braze Alloys partners Amplitude and Phiture, Fishbrain increased paid subscriptions by 33% and retention by 24%.

Anyone who dreams about catching that elusive rainbow trout or largemouth bass will find anglers with the same passion on Fishbrain, the fishing app where millions of anglers come together to find new fishing spots, read fishing forecasts, shop for gear, and share their catches. The Stockholm-based company also partners with research institutions around the world to help better understand worldwide fisheries. The paid Fishbrain Pro subscription adds features like depth maps and exact catch positions.

The more that anglers engage with the Fishbrain community, the more likely it is they’ll stick around and share stories about their own fishing prowess. That’s why Fishbrain is using Braze and Braze Alloys partner Amplitude to guide members through onboarding and encourage them to check out more Fishbrain features.

Personalized Messages and Onboarding Drive Engagement

Fishbrain offers many different features for many user personas depending on their fishing skill levels—but the range of options proved confusing to some new members. To improve retention as well as increase paid subscriptions to Fishbrain Pro, the company used the Braze platform’s Braze Canvas customer journey management solution to create a personalized onboarding flow with email, in-app messages, and push notifications to match user opt-ins. As users progress through onboarding, they answer questions about their fishing experience level, and are placed in flows based on both experience and interests such as fishing gear or catch locations.

By leveraging Decision Split Step and Delay Step for Canvas, Fishbrain created alternate paths in users’ journeys, and added delay steps so users aren’t bothered about features they’ve already checked out. To measure the value of these features, Fishbrain uses A/B testing to gauge customer reaction to different messaging and events sent to users based on the actions they performed.

The Braze/Amplitude integration allows Fishbrain to seamlessly flow customer data from Braze into Amplitude via the Braze Currents high-volume data export feature, bringing analytics into the customer onboarding process and helping the company understand the impact that conversion behavior has on retention—while using that knowledge to retool the app and its onboarding flow. Fishbrain also worked with mobile growth consultancy Phiture, Braze Alloys solutions partner, to build out a strategy for gathering key information about user preferences via custom-built in-app messages—providing insights that help make the app experience more valuable for users and improving engagement.

“Braze allowed us to communicate Fishbrain’s value towards every type of user through their individual customer journey,” said Ayat Baroudi, Head of CRM Marketing at Fishbrain. “Having the ability to target very specific segments of users while performing multiple A/B tests has given us valuable insights on how to keep growing CRM at Fishbrain.”

Fishbrain Results: Increase in Subscriptions and Retention Rate

By segmenting users and personalizing the onboarding experience, Fishbrain saw a 33% increase in paid Fishbrain Pro subscriptions, and a 24% increase in retention compared to a control group. The company also worked with their Braze customer success manager (CSM) to bolster email testing and personalization, improving email deliverability by 10X and helping to boost its campaign open rate.

Final Thoughts

Full-featured apps like Fishbrain, with the ability to cater to users with different interests and skill levels, need more than a one-size-fits-all onboarding flow. By leveraging the Braze platform’s advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities, along with Canvas tools for building out the customer journey, Fishbrain ensures that more anglers will discover the app’s features and become part of the community.

To learn more about creating a personalized onboarding experience, download the Braze guide “First Impressions: Why Your Brand Needs a Cross-Channel Onboarding Strategy.”