BoozeBud Uses Braze Connected Content to Boost Revenue by 59%

Online alcohol retailer BoozeBud offers rapid delivery of beverage products to quench the thirst of discerning drinkers in Australia at low prices. Utilizing Connected Content from Braze, BoozeBud supercharged personalization in its messaging and boosted email click-through by 69% and revenue by 59%.

If there’s one product that’s bound to see sales success in the midst of a global pandemic, climate upheaval, and socio-political tension, it’s alcohol. For consumers in Australia looking for new booze to tantalise their taste buds or take part in another Zoom happy hour, online liquor retailer BoozeBud is ready, willing, and able to make competitively-priced, rapid home delivery of their favorite libations a reality. Cheers to that, mate.

While drinking at home is always an appealing option, BoozeBud knew it needed to up its messaging game. User-facing communications around the company’s big quarterly sales had primarily relied on generic emails highlighting the same product sets to a segmented audience. To make communications with their consumers more personalized—and increase user engagement—BoozeBud turned to Connected Content, our dynamic content tool.

Pour on Personalization For a Potent Promotional Cocktail

Connected Content is all about personalization. We all know the chore that it sometimes seems to slog through an inbox full of form letters, or getting recommendations for products we’ve already purchased. Personalization ensures that messaging delivered to an individual user will respect where they are in their own journey with a brand, and Connected Content makes sure that personalization is dynamic and up-to-the-minute current by drawing on data from internal servers or third-party APIs.

Rather than sending the same messaging regardless of consumer habits, BoozeBud used Connected Content to better target its communications, recommending products based on users’ previous interactions with the BoozeBud site—such as previous purchases and items abandoned in online shopping carts. In addition to email, push notifications were incorporated into these campaigns to promote sale events and drive user engagement.

“Using Braze’s Connected Content functionality has allowed us to seamlessly create 1-to-1 personalised comms,” said Shalina Patel, Customer Marketing manager at BoozeBud, “which not only benefits our customers by highlighting great drink recommendations, but also accelerates our conversions and revenue.”

BoozeBud Results: Increased Engagement and Revenue

Thanks to this drive to deliver personalized messaging across multiple channels during their peak sales drives, BoozeBud was able to execute an effective promotional campaign at scale with minimal intra-organizational effort, and saw marked results. Click-through rates on personalized emails shot up 69% compared to previous messaging, while conversions increased 17%. Perhaps most importantly, sales promoted with personalizations returned revenue 59% greater than previous communications.

Final Thoughts

Consumers want to interact with brands that understand their individual wants, preferences, and journey, so it should come as no surprise that personalized messaging proves more effective at driving engagement than generic outreach. By making use of personalization based on user behavior, BoozeBud was able to deliver the kind of individually targeted recommendations that make their customers feel as if they’re more than one email address in a mailing list. The results speak for themselves.

For more on how dynamic personalization can make a huge difference in messaging effectiveness, be sure to visit the Braze Personalization Guide.