Birchbox Boosts Conversions 25% With New Email Segmentation Strategy

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25% Increase in email conversions


With low open and click-through rates on promotional messaging, Birchbox needed to reexamine its CRM strategy and move away from one-size-fits-all campaigns.


With help from Braze Alloys solutions partner Notable Growth, Birchbox overhauled its email methodology with a focus on segmentation.


This new approach yielded a 25% increase in email conversion rates and a 16% increase in open rates.

Launched in 2010, Birchbox set out to bring beauty products to their customers’ doorsteps with a personalized, subscription-based service. An immediate success, Birchbox quickly found a foothold with an audience that had felt overlooked by the more mainstream beauty industry.

However, as users’ online behavior evolved, Birchbox found they wanted to evolve their CRM strategy, too. In particular, Birchbox found that its strategy of sending one-size-fits-all messages to their full non-subscriber mailing list was leading to low open and click-through rates on promotional email campaigns. The brand knew it was in need of a new direction, and honing in on it meant finding the right partner.

That was Notable Growth’s cue. With an assist from this savvy consulting firm, Birchbox was able to take a leap forward in its CRM approach, with real results.

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The Notable Difference

In Birchbox’s case, Notable’s scope of work included responsibility for campaign creation and optimization with the goal of increasing feature usage, subscription lifetime, and overall subscribers. The primary focus was on a thoughtful program of Braze-powered segmentation connected with the brand’s email messaging. By utilizing custom attributes culled from data gathered on customer behavior, Birchbox was able to move away from generic email content and toward a diverse, more personalized strategy that spoke to customers based on where they were in their journey with the brand. The team also began using Canvas, the Braze platform’s customer journey builder, and Content Blocks to power more personalized messages. Combined with an A/B testing program for subject lines and email templates, this effort yielded a data-driven, much more targeted email messaging strategy.

"It was great to work closely with Notable and Braze last year. Through such an unpredictable year, it was key for us to have reliable and trustworthy partners that not only created a streamlined email strategy that helped us achieve unprecedented success but also took the time to teach our team how to be successful within the platform. We can't wait to continue to work with them!"

Michaela Meier
Director of Merchandising & Growth Marketing, Birchbox

Birchbox Email Breaks Out

Since working more closely with Braze and Notable, Birchbox saw an increase in beauty email conversion rates of 25%. The rate of email opens, the first step in reaching a customer with email messaging, also rose 16%.

25% Increase in email conversion rates
16% Increase in email open rates

As a more specific demonstration of the power of segmentation and data-driven CRM, check out the results of an August promotional campaign from Birchbox offering two product boxes when non-subscribers signed up for a 3-month subscription. By utilizing this kind of custom messaging and promotion, Birchbox saw a 150% open rate increase for the campaign over its month-to-date average, a 298% increase in click-through rate, and a staggering 489% increase in conversion rate.

Key Takeaway

Birchbox built its business on the idea that consumers deserved a more personalized beauty product experience. They knew they needed to apply this same strategy to their content. Through their work with Braze and Notable, they were able to prove that their audience appreciated a more personalized messaging experience, as well.

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