Anthropologie Drives Higher Conversions With Web Push Notifications

Using Braze, U.S. clothing and home retailer Anthropologie delivers brilliant experiences at every point along the customer journey. Check out how they use web push notifications to achieve a conversion rate 17.5% higher than the industry average.

With a mission to inspire their customers with the unexpected, Anthropologie is all about pushing the boundaries of basic. The U.S. clothing and home retailer ensures everything from its hygge handknits to Morrocan-tiled mugs to their in-store experience feels modern and full of whimsy. To continue charming its customers via digital channels, Anthropolgie turned to Braze.

Talking Shop with Anthropologie

In order to meet customers where they are, Anthropologie began experimenting with using web push notifications to communicate with the people shopping on their site. Their main goal was to enhance the consumer experience by allowing shoppers to easily access new products and current promotions in a way that matched their eclectic aesthetic.

In the beginning, Anthropologie sent text-only web push notifications, but soon began to experiment with creative graphics and product images to better engage customers.

Because only their most loyal customers have web notifications enabled, Anthropologie has room to experiment with creative ways of grabbing attention with a low risk of alienating shoppers. They’re excited to continue iterating on this innovative channel.

“Braze does a great job making regular improvements to their already easy-to-use platform,” said Allie Rose, Digital Marketing Assistant at Anthropologie. “The people that we work with at Braze are upbeat, responsive, and knowledgeable. All of these characteristics combined are what enable us to deliver a curated customer experience complete with personalized app and web messages through every stage of our customer’s shopping journey.”

Anthropologie Results: High Subscriber and Conversion Rates

By focusing on the customer experience and smart A/B testing, Anthropologie is able to drive web push click-through rates 22% above the industry average and conversion rates 17.5% higher than the average. They’ve also built an audience of over 800k web push notification-enabled subscribers, making this channel a powerful new way to engage their customers.

Final Thoughts

With an eye to experimentation, Anthropologie continues to surprise and delight their shoppers in new channels. Their innovative approach and dedication to the customer experience ensures the global goods brand is successful as they expand.

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