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How Runkeeper’s Messaging Gets Users to Stick With It (And Them)

Every year millions of Americans make a New Year’s resolution. Year after year, the number one resolution is to lose weight or exercise more. But

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To Get Into Mobile Marketing, You Just Have To Do It: Lessons From Domino’s

Enterprise companies can have the reputation of being slow to adapt, behind the times, or generally too cautious of new technologies or trends for their

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Give Up Control: How Curiosity’s App Marketers Give Users the Reins

The mobile ecosystem is flooded with endless apps, educational tools, and sources of entertainment. As of mid-2015, there were a total of 1.9 million visible

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The Founders of Women in Mobile Talk Retention, Personalization, and Their “Army of Sparring Partners”

The tech industry is infamous for being male-dominated: at Google, women hold only 18% of the tech jobs, and the recent “Elephant in the Valley”

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Engage Millions of Users With Mobile Community-Building Lessons From Untappd

Around 2009, check-in apps became all the rage. Foursquare took off at SXSW and shortly after the festival, the act of checking in became ubiquitous.

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#engage Mobile Influencers: Zedge’s Eric doormouse Peltier (Part One of Two)

Each month, the #engage Mobile Influencers interview series profiles experts, thought leaders and rising stars in mobile, giving them an opportunity to share their personal experiences, preferences

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