Don’t Miss Out on China: Appboy Announces Support for Baidu Push Notifications

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In 2012, China became the world’s largest smartphone market, and its growth shows no sign of slowing down – last year alone the country shipped 460 million devices. Given this huge market opportunity, communication with users in China would be a major advantage for global apps. Recognizing this, Appboy is pleased to announce that its industry-leading platform is the sole Mobile Marketing Automation solution to support Android push notifications in China through Baidu Cloud Push!

In most of the world, apps sending Android push notifications rely on Google Cloud Messaging to ensure that they actually reach their intended recipient. But GCM and the Google Play store are blocked in China, preventing Google-powered Android push notifications in that country from going through, and leading many Chinese Android users to download apps from other sources. One of the biggest sources is Baidu, which facilitated 41% of China’s 23.4 billion app downloads in Q1 of 2014 and operates Baidu Cloud Push, an Android push notification delivery service widely used within China.

Baidu Push

Appboy-powered push notification
sent via Baidu Cloud Push

With most Mobile Marketing Automation platforms, sending push notifications to Android devices inside of China isn’t just tough – it’s impossible. Only Appboy gives you the ability to sent urgent communications right to the home screens of Chinese Android users, allowing marketers to take advantage of this powerful communications tool. Plus, Appboy’s Baidu Push support enables marketers to send personalized, targeted campaigns that take advantage of the full range of mobile message options – push notifications, email, in-app messages and News Feed Cards – in China for the very first time.

If you’re serious about building and retaining a user base for your app in China, you need to support your mobile marketing efforts with this kind of multi-channel messaging. Apps that move quickly to take advantage of this new development are going to have a significant strategic advantage over rivals who fail to act, creating a unique opportunity to build and bolster a major user base in the world’s most populous nation.

For more information about effectively using push as part of a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy, check out Appboy Academy’s Push Notifications Best Practices.

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