Appboy’s In-App News Feed Is an Industry Game Changer

Considering the rise of social media, users have embraced snippets and short, relevant messages. Today we are proud to announce that Appboy is the first

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Appboy Announces Support for Unity Gaming Platform

Appboy is proud to share that we’ve developed an SDK for Unity, making us the first to bring mobile relationship management (MRM) support to the

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Appboy Announces Series A Funding and New Visual Identity

We’re thrilled to announce that Appboy has raised $7.6 Million in Series A funding! It’s a great validation of both the team we have put

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Appboy Announces Location Targeting

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Appboy has launched location targeting, allowing for more intimate and contextual interactions with mobile customers. Combined with

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Appboy Launches New Customer Segmentation Product

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new customer segmentation product on Appboy! This latest update to our platform offers app developers more robust tools

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Tracking Custom Events with the Latest Appboy Release

Hey Appboy Users! Our latest Appboy release includes some of our most frequently requested features. Appboy v1.5.2 provides a better user experience across all devices and

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Appboy: The First Real Social Network Within Any Mobile App

Two of the hottest and most-talked about industries in tech right now are mobile and social. The two share a lot of similarities and many have even tried to combine the two with all sorts of social layers on top of existing apps. I am referring to solutions like Game Center, OpenFeint, and others.

Appboy Opens Public Beta, Announces New Funding

Some of you might have noticed our name up in lights on TechCrunch yesterday announcing our latest round of funding and the official opening of

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Flash Now Supported on iOS Devices. No, Apple Did Not Fold, Adobe Did!

Today is a big day in the lives of iOS users, but it is an even bigger day in the lives of Web publishers. From today, iOS devices are going to be able to play Adobe Flash content. In fact, to some extent, iOS devices are going to be able to play Flash better than any of the competitors including Android and QNX. For starters, the new Flash Media Server 4.5 will play Flash without the battery drain often associated with Flash, and even without slowing down the device on which it is playing. If you have watched Flash on almost any device, mobile or not, you should know what I am referring to.

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